Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas Vacation

In this Christmas Vacation my family, we are going to do Tamales I think. We are going to celabrant it in my house. Last year we had celebreded on my uncle but my uncle we to live to Mexico. When we celabrate it we first weith for all the family to get home. Then my mother give my cousens and me tamales. Then we finish eating when my mom call the adults. Ater a wild susuly my uncle make pie, plan, so we get to eat them. After that we weak the little jesus baby we get a candy from the basket that were the baby Jesus. Befor that we have to kiss the forhead of jesus. After a wild we my dad put music on so then they start to dace. And every one have a good time. I am very exatied for christmas because, my dad ask me if i wanted a i pod or a laptop I said that i dont now because i wanted both but i now that i cant have to both of them at the same time. So i told my dad that he make the desition that i will injoyn one of them. I plan to give something to my mom but i dont now jet.