Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today is a very enjoining day because they are some snow on Texas. The last time that snow was about 3 year ago. When we are in the pe the teacher let us go out side. The snow was coming a lot. When we are in the it fell very happy you fell like you are doing somethong new. You are able to fell how the snow touch you how cold it is. Some thing that looks so buetiful, Is that if you look up you are able to see how the snow is going down to you. If I had sometime to be out side and take some people outside with. That people would be all the teachers and my friends Macey, Delaney, Samantha, Brianna, Maria, Victoria And the other my friends. I would also wanted to take my sister my mother and my dad and all my family. That why I would wanted to be at home so I could be outside every time that it snow. Because not every day we have that oppernuty to see this to be able to fell the snow touch you how the snow falls from the sky. So I every time that that we are able to go outside I dont wast any momment that we are outside.

Monday, February 22, 2010


I think that there are not so much progress. Because when we are working as a group. There is a person that keeps not pay attention. I keep telling him that to get out the game and he dont get of. One time he told me that he is only watching him and not the other people. Told him that I am always that i am watching him because if i ask the other people they will get of. He would not so that why I am telling him to get oof. After worlds I told him that I am the Leader and he have to do what i told him to do. After that he kind of did what he needed to do. Talking about something else as a group i think that we are doing better. Because how they are duing wat they need to do. As the leader I think that I am proud of my group. If we take the ploblems that we had. I think that we are going to do better this next week. ************I WILL TRY MY BEST TO DO THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The role that I got it to be the Leader of the team. When we choose are places we told each other why they did that place. I think that i am good for my place the are a other person that can take it to but they chose me. In my opinion I think that I am doing a good job. At the same time I think that If I try I would do a better. So I am going to try hader for my place. As I team we did have some disagreemen. In are team they were a person that ha didn want to folow the rules. Me as the leader I had told that person to get of of the game. I told him a lot of times. He didt do it so i need healp from the teacher. After that the teacher tolk care of it.
I am looking forward on our my game that we can do are game with out with problems about that you are not acting how you do supost. The Inspiration of us that we wanted to do deffente things so got the 3 that we like more. I think that we are going to be able because I am going to make the team that they have a gold on them so they are focus on the game and not on something else that does not have to do with our game. I think that are team is doing good but they can do better. Are problem is that we get destractive very esly.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I think that working with paper prototype it is kind of easy. It is kind of easy because you are just telling how your game is going to be like and how is going to work. My pardner Christian and me we i think that both of us had fun working in paper prototype. Both of each of were doing something he was the one that was telling me what to right in somethings and i was writing or the opposite he writes and I tell him what to right. So I did enjoin working with paper prototype. The teacher ask us it we understand the impotent of paper prototype in reference to our game design. I was thinking that It Is important because if you don't do that when you do your game your are not going to now what you are going to do you might have a idea but if you do a paper prototype you are going to now what exactly what you are going to do. I think that is why the teacher make us do thins to have an idea so when we do are game we know what we are doing. To work with my team that we are going to be to the rest of the year. It felt kind f funny because we are going to do something together. But I do like the people that I have on my team.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I do enjoin this because we are able to do many things. We are able to blog and even talk to people that work with globaloria. She even came to talk to us. When we blog the teacher read are problems that we have we almost blog for that then she will be able to help me what i need help one. Almost from now one were are going to work with are group that we are going to do are game with. I look forward to learned to do a game by my self. I think that we are My thoughts about Globaloria is that this class can be hard and very easy . It could be hard because if you don't pay attention and you don't do your work when the teacher and check your work you are going to do your work in little time, because all the time that you already louse and also you are going to have a bad grade if you don't finish it. It could see easy very easy because if you do the work that you have to do you are going to finish it and also you are going to get a better grade if you do your work. I enjoin this because we are able to do different things for example we all have are wiki page. in the wiki page is we are planing are game that we are going to make. For my game I am going to have level in the first level Zeke and Bobby are working on that level. In the second level Christian and are working on it. In the tried level Samantha And Devari are working on it wears a group i think that we have some cool ideas for are game. We also have are blog for me the blogger is were I write my ideas and my thoughts is were i express my ideas. The things that i have learn in Globaloria is flash in flash we have practise how to be able to move the carrot and the rabbit up and down and back and forward. I also have leaned how to work with other people. Because in class we are in are groups we have to work with are pardner and we have to learned how to get along. I am the leader of my group so we have been some problem bet en some 2 students so i have to make them get alone and if I cant i go to talk to Ms. Miller. and she will that care of that. I have learned how to up lode are stuff that we do on flash it very easy for me so sometime i help others If i can. I love to blog because when i blog I express my thoughts and when I blog and past it and when going to be able to learned more about flash to be able to do my are game.