Monday, November 15, 2010

Thelma M. 14 2010

'''Strange Day on the Planet Earth'''
Day 4:they think that is something that they can deal with, they don't know how they can help by themselves,they are founding new animals they are worry the effecs that they can make, with the time they think tat they were be had to find any animals, they had test there was a crab they had put it two more degree and the crab hart had stop so two degrees don't look much for the animals it does make a huge differences. when you do something wrong you don't only effect you effect everyone with out knowing it, they are a lot of dust on the air getting from place to place with the help of the wind,our Earth is getting warmer and it will conning to get warmer, if all work tougher we will make a change,
Day 5
Valenzuela they are trying to find animals they find some of them so are dead. there are some island that they are man made, in smaller island only the strong planets survive, in the island there animals that they fifty a lot for food because there Inst enough food for every one to survive. they think that the island there is in Valenzuela that there are find no problems or anything but no its the opposed. they had nearest that in the La Mar river has something strange. they are think how someplace are different science thee were 10o years ago. they are think what are causing all this changes. They ask them self how can a forest can despite when it was in protective place. they are saying that global warning is cant be because not far form them is not the same. They are testing how old the trees are and they are saying that they are like 70 years, they are saying that they should be more trees that there are now. they had let some wolfs to see how they selvage. the wolf killed one animals but it gave other animals something to eat.
they say that Jamaicans like fish but is not is that is the only thing they have, but there is not big ones they have lost 90% of the big fish
Day 6
water: some frogs have eggs grouping inside they are collecting frogs frogs from clean water they are find but the the insects that don't they are no in the est condition. they are acre that the water have a lot of comical in the water that the animals in the water is going to dry there are some chemically that they are man made. thing animals are in trouble wales if it effects a animals it effect us at the sometime,reasons could be farm chemical they are some fish that are save to eat and some of them you cant but you don't now witch ones,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thelma M. 13 2010

Strange Days On Planet Earth
Day 1:
way we can stop and way to help them
daises effecting buildings, they are founding new thing they never seen, new plant,insects can change things such as your house they just eat it up this can happened any were they find new way to seam doing it one way or the other they share food
one animal control the water the cocodril big,
Day 2:lake Victoria,
control effectuates from unclean water disease, by time lake Victoria it had been effective, disease were making people get sick different ways,
eroding is effecting the islands, plant can fight for territory with each other, the grown get louse coopering leaves to see the differences, people see going down hills to see the differences they say that there are just little people that care about it people also suffer to just survive in there nevferhod, if every thing moves they ask what will survive.
Day 3
They are finding new spices don't not seen animal they just to see, animal are traveling in ocean and throw oceans, every thing has the change to move every were, by planes ship cars animals, tech is effecting ,
one degree factor
tempter have got up 1 degree animal have a hard time finding out how to survive, animals despaired don't now were they went or life there still live, people killing car boo they plan they see them crossing and say get ready, edgers people are worry that the animal's are not going to survive, the tempters is effecting the animals in different ways, warmer day more insect out, mosquito's can get a tea spoon o bud from a car boo, snow make carboy make them hoarded to hunt for wolf, winter harly any food for the carbon, lots of carbon lost there lives for bad weather, people think that is not inporante and they only thinks about them self and that the ploble is something with out inporentes and that they cant do anything because the global is way to big,