Friday, May 25, 2012

My flash file

I make this flash file to inform people about healthy living.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Forks Over Knives

I think that this documentary is going to be about better healthy eating. That only us can change our eating habits and how we can make it healthy.
I think thta the the tittle"Forks over Knives'' is that you can eat more green healthy things with forks and with the knives you can use them to cut meat.


  • They are introducing how people die of diabetics or cancer that could be cause of not eating healthy. 
  • They are telling how Mexican-American  and African-American are the most heard that they have problem eating healthy. 
  • They are notice that people want more salty thing and that is what we seen in our community we seen more junk food that contain a lot of salt.
  • When they see they see the data of people that have die caused of diabetics more of the time is cause of people not eating healthy. 
  • Now we know on reason why people dies is cause because they don't eat healthy and they also say how we can prevent the death by informing how to eat well and keep our body good.
  • They ask some people what we need meat for and a lot of people that we need for proteins.:What some people say that we need proteins and other say what we can get it in another way. 
  • What they keep saying that at the end is up to us if we what we want to eat healthy or not but that the end of the path how ever you end up the only responsible is ourself.


Monday, May 14, 2012

My Comments

Laura, I really like your game I think that is very interesting. I think that you make a good job on it I saw how you would work very hard in class. I just want to say that you did a very good job.


Ashley, I think that your game is very good I like that your game was just not a maze you add in questions and you made it very interesting to play. I just want to say that is very good.

Diana A.:

I really like your game let me tell you why your game stand out from the rest of the maze games because you put in question that made it more interesting. I just wantto say good job and your game is very cool.


Well I really think that your game is very good because you put i the game very interesting facts and story. I think that there's not another game like your. I just want to say good job.

Friday, May 11, 2012

My Top 3 Choices

No More, One Is Enough: The Change:Class 4 Arcos

No Gangs More Maze:La Sopa: Class 3 Arcos

Unconventional Disaster:ADA:Class 3 Arcos

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Final Game

The team name is ''Your Choice?''
The tittle of the game is ''Find Your Way''
The topic of our game is Teen Pregnancy.
The learning gold of our game is that you should not get pregnant in a young age because it is very difficult to do everything with a baby in your hands. Having a baby with you now you have to be responsible for the baby.
The layer is learning because in the game you put yourself in somebody situation that is responsible of baby and there's  friends that want to different things and you choose what you want to do for the good of you and the baby.
Something that I would like to add is another environment were different questions could be ask.
The most challenging part in this game is putting the that code in for the scenes to go to a place to another.
What I am most proud is that we were able to finish in time because last year is nothing compare like this year, last year to put it simple we din't able to make the scene work. This year we finish and we think that we have a chance of winning.