Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rachel Rosenfelt

Yesterday we had i visiter. Her name was Rachel Rosenfelt she came from New York. She was telling us that she work in New York in the Globaloria company. How she is following us by looking at are bloggers and are wiki pages. She said that she was valentered to come over hear to see us in precent. She was talking about the difent genders there were to us to write about for are project.
Frist we she intruduc her self, then she said the that she was so happy to be hear with us giving us ideas about for are project. She had sind in in her Wiki pages. She show us that in are chosing are topic she show us how to fill some information we need for math. In are game we have to combin math to it. So she show us each question and she was explaning how we can fill it out in are own. When we are finnish filling the question we have to show it to the math teacher.
Then Ms Miller had chosing some people to show the class there ideas. Then as a group we were saing ideas to the person.
Ms Rosenfelt was so nice to us.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I have learn this week I lean 10 new worlds on the page

Technology Information Vocabulary. I hope to learn to make more than 1 action spiting. I hope to lean to more information about are wiki pages. I want to learn to do things right. I'm trying hard to do esacly what Ms Miller says to do.I'm struggling with keeping up. Is not because I'm talking is because there are thing that I don't understand. I'm getting better to keeping up because now we am asking question. I'm also struggles with the blog because am having trouble to finish a blog not because Ms Miller don't give use Enif time to finish is that i get destructing. I'm traing to not to lisin to people.