Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Enrique Camerena

I think about RED RIBBON WEEK that is important because in one way is fun because in school we get no to use are uniform. We get to do special things like use a hat are boots and someone is going to talk about it. In the other side its kind of sad because Enrique was helping us to no us drugs. He was stopping a lot of people from drugs. He had 3 children and her wife he dint wanted he kids to try drugs. He was trying to get one of the gig drug make to go to prisian. I think that they know that he was going do. One day he was getting out of his office he got trap by them in a car. Before he got trap he was going to go see his family. The people kilt Enrique. So his family decide to remember he by celebrate RED RIBBON WEEK the last week of October. That we souled respect because he believe one himself that he could make a change his mom dint believe one hem he dint care he believe one hem self.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I like technology because we can lean a lot of things. When am in this class I fell very good when am hear I always lean something new very day. I also fell construable the computer. I am construable working with the others kids. Am having trouble on following the the steps. I now what the teacher is talking about I have trouble reconsign were the things are. Am having trouble with the wiki adding a picture. I would pay more attecing that will help me to understand where the things are.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Game Genres

Game Genres
There are difents types of Game Genres for example
Action it has a lot of motion
shooter it has a lot of Huns
Action Adventure its not mealy not true and a lot of movement
Adventure its not mealy true and has a lot of fantasies on it
Life Simulation
Vehicle simulation
Other notable genres
Casual Gaming

Friday, October 2, 2009

Technology Final Exam

This semester I have leared to add a picture to the blog, add a video to the blog, a hyperlink. My favite on is the 9on that we have to add a picturer. We also leaned to make a gmail acout and are blog page. When we did are gmail acount the teacher was telling us which button to click and like that it was faster to learend every thing. I learend to a lot of new woulds like bitmap, joystick, filter Ms Miler had each us what they nean. The most interithing is to add a hyperlink to are blog. Im very so happy to be at this teacher for technoligy.

I fell very happy when am in this class every day I leareand somothing new at this class. I want to learned more on this second semester Im very proud of my self and of the teacher. I have norist that the teacher have try to teacc us a lot of thing.