Monday, January 25, 2010

Last Week Working On Flash

Lets talk about lask week. Last week was a very dificults week because the at the beganing Ms Miller was showing us how to do it. At the 3rd day she just put the information on the action strip. I think that she that because know that we can do it. Its not that hard to do it you just have to copy and paste. You go to your wiki and you copy the codys and then you pasted on the action strip the when you see the overhead. I think when the teacher get fustrueded is when she tell us that you have to have your action strip the same as the one that is in the overhead. Then when you ask her for help she does not see your action strip almost the same. So fash could be essy to work with, I am not saying that you are not going to have question. But if you follow the steps you8 are going to have less question so if you dont have question. Teacher want to anser some question an blogger so i am:
Was it hard to make your mini game?
Kind of my oponin it is not that hard. But everybody has diferent oponions
What was the best part of this topic?
When we were able to move the bunny left, right, up, down
The worst part?
That part is essy that part is when the carrot was not there

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


What i think about flash is that it is kind of hard and at the same time could be else. For me is kind of hard because if get destructive you can miss a step so for in example you are talking to someone and you miss a step then the teacher ask you to test the movie and if the carrot is not there and it soposly be there is because you miss a step. So now you now the imporant to pay attention and not be talking. It could be also easy to do you work correcly. To do that you have to pay attention to the each step the teacher takes. Ofcurse am not saying that you are nefer going to have probles so its ok to ask for questin. so my goad is that I'm going to make a flash by myself.