Friday, March 5, 2010


I think that there have been some progress in are group because we just to fite a lot in are group but now we kind of get more along. I think that the problem it was that when i ask them to do something I dont talk to them like i have to been. So nest time that i have ask then to do something to do I ask them more nice. I think that have help to team. I have norist that If I talk to them nicely and respecful they are going to respect you. I am trying to not get mad very easly so we can get along so we can have mopre time together and not to fiting and screaming a lot. I think that also help that i havent presure them so mush. I have trust some of them to be by them self . So they can prove that they can work by them self and the will not been playing games. I tell them not to play on games because all of us when we are woking on a computer they are temte to gop to places were we dont supos to be so i think that we are duing so good I think that person that have improve the most is Devari because he had duen so much work this weed i think that he is duing better each day I think that the whole team is doing greate.


For me working with drawing in flash is ok. It ok because in the flash you are able to draw whatever you did on your presentetion. My parner Christian he did 2 piece of paper and i did 2 to. so we did the same is amount of work. Ithink that he was not comtruble working with it but i think that he had a good time working on flash. I did enjoin working with flash because there are things to do so need to find out how to do it. sometimes i had mess it up but with that i could learned how to do the things write. After that i had did so much mistakes, now i am able to do more things. I think that you can be able to do a greart job at drawing even more if you like to draw. I think the on that the ones that most enjoin been working on flash was Devari, Bobby and Zeke. Zeke toroly enjoin working because ha love to draw so i think that the part that he did is going to be thwe one that drew the best. But i think that every person did a great job with working on drawing on flash.