Thursday, September 22, 2011

Gamers Solve Scientific Problems

How did games use the computers game Foldit to solve the protein folding mystery?
The University in Washington that had unlocked of a protein that cloud lead finding a cure to the virus.
Who can participate in this problems solving and be a player in Foldit?
The ones that made this games ones about that knows about the virus and the doctor because they know that that they are doing and know about the virus.
If you think about science you can find so many things that you can do because you can do something like that did that can find a solution to a problem.
I think that I would try to find a solution to Cancer because they are a lot of people that died of cancer and that is very sad.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Was it hard to make your mini game?
It was really not that hard but the code was a little confusing but looking at the example of the wiki. was more understandable.
What was the best part of this topic?
Be able to add code and make the object and make some code is to keep score.
The worst part?
The worse part was that one of the file had been eraser bu someone else so i need to redo one of the steps.

Friday, September 9, 2011


How old were you when on September 11,2001?
I was three years old.

When did you first learn about the attract and who explained the event to you ?
I think that they explained to my in6th graded that I remember because in elementary they not when over 9/11. Mr.B was the one that explained to are class what had happened that day.

What kind of impact did these attract have on your life or your parent lives? Well I think that they might attract again because the death of the person that provoked 9/11.I think that they might do something else I don't know when but i really think that they might do something else.

What is the issue with this game?
There are using to much violence.
How do you fell about it?
I think that a way that they are making a fun of what happened on 9/11 .
They don't have respect of the ones that died that they.
What is the problem with portraying on such awful violet even though a video game?
That they are not knowing how important this is that are making fun of something very serous.
How can you make sure that your web games tell the whole story or tech a lesson in an honorable way?
By reading over it make sure that the story that they saying it sound real and if they are only saying the good or the bad of the story.