Monday, November 15, 2010

Thelma M. 14 2010

'''Strange Day on the Planet Earth'''
Day 4:they think that is something that they can deal with, they don't know how they can help by themselves,they are founding new animals they are worry the effecs that they can make, with the time they think tat they were be had to find any animals, they had test there was a crab they had put it two more degree and the crab hart had stop so two degrees don't look much for the animals it does make a huge differences. when you do something wrong you don't only effect you effect everyone with out knowing it, they are a lot of dust on the air getting from place to place with the help of the wind,our Earth is getting warmer and it will conning to get warmer, if all work tougher we will make a change,
Day 5
Valenzuela they are trying to find animals they find some of them so are dead. there are some island that they are man made, in smaller island only the strong planets survive, in the island there animals that they fifty a lot for food because there Inst enough food for every one to survive. they think that the island there is in Valenzuela that there are find no problems or anything but no its the opposed. they had nearest that in the La Mar river has something strange. they are think how someplace are different science thee were 10o years ago. they are think what are causing all this changes. They ask them self how can a forest can despite when it was in protective place. they are saying that global warning is cant be because not far form them is not the same. They are testing how old the trees are and they are saying that they are like 70 years, they are saying that they should be more trees that there are now. they had let some wolfs to see how they selvage. the wolf killed one animals but it gave other animals something to eat.
they say that Jamaicans like fish but is not is that is the only thing they have, but there is not big ones they have lost 90% of the big fish
Day 6
water: some frogs have eggs grouping inside they are collecting frogs frogs from clean water they are find but the the insects that don't they are no in the est condition. they are acre that the water have a lot of comical in the water that the animals in the water is going to dry there are some chemically that they are man made. thing animals are in trouble wales if it effects a animals it effect us at the sometime,reasons could be farm chemical they are some fish that are save to eat and some of them you cant but you don't now witch ones,

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thelma M. 13 2010

Strange Days On Planet Earth
Day 1:
way we can stop and way to help them
daises effecting buildings, they are founding new thing they never seen, new plant,insects can change things such as your house they just eat it up this can happened any were they find new way to seam doing it one way or the other they share food
one animal control the water the cocodril big,
Day 2:lake Victoria,
control effectuates from unclean water disease, by time lake Victoria it had been effective, disease were making people get sick different ways,
eroding is effecting the islands, plant can fight for territory with each other, the grown get louse coopering leaves to see the differences, people see going down hills to see the differences they say that there are just little people that care about it people also suffer to just survive in there nevferhod, if every thing moves they ask what will survive.
Day 3
They are finding new spices don't not seen animal they just to see, animal are traveling in ocean and throw oceans, every thing has the change to move every were, by planes ship cars animals, tech is effecting ,
one degree factor
tempter have got up 1 degree animal have a hard time finding out how to survive, animals despaired don't now were they went or life there still live, people killing car boo they plan they see them crossing and say get ready, edgers people are worry that the animal's are not going to survive, the tempters is effecting the animals in different ways, warmer day more insect out, mosquito's can get a tea spoon o bud from a car boo, snow make carboy make them hoarded to hunt for wolf, winter harly any food for the carbon, lots of carbon lost there lives for bad weather, people think that is not inporante and they only thinks about them self and that the ploble is something with out inporentes and that they cant do anything because the global is way to big,

Monday, October 25, 2010

Thelma M. 12 2010

The Age Of Stupid
This video is about how are people are dying of causes of man made. I think that people that are supposedly doing there work know that understand of doing there work they are making other people die. For example in the video the people that are working with the oil in the water are effecting the people that go fish. They are effecting them because they are a lot of fish that are dieing. Now I now why the video is called ''The Age of Stupid'' for my point of you I think that they mean that we know that we are killing are earth. When we are doing the bad decision we think is not going to make a different. It wont make a different now but it will in the future it will effect them. Next time that you have the opposition to make the right decision for example if you are in the par and you ate something and you have trash and there is a trash can like but if far. you don't want to walk you put it on the floor you are effecting earth by throwing the trash in the floor. Next time think twice before doing something that you think that will effect our Earth.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Thelma M. 10 2010

Source 1

Turtle & Hughes 2010
Found on October 13,2010
Source 2
All Turtles 2010
Found on October 13,2010
Source 3
The Turtle Source 2010
Found on October 13,2010
Source 4
Nature Book Turtle 2010
Found on October 13,2010

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thelma M 9 2010

How to Properly cite Internet Resources
  • Author. title of webite Web address or URL Copy right date Date you founf the information


ThinkQuest: Explorers of the Millenium. Found October 7,2010

Water Pollution And Society

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Thelma M. 8 2010

We watched a video named Coral Reef Adventure . I think that this video is very interesting because it informs you with very good information. I got some fact that i dint now about and am sure that other people dint new eider.
This are some fact that I learned:
  • More than 3 million people rely on the reef
  • Doctors use the carbon carbonate to cure our bones
  • There are new spices that they are founding in the ocean

Something that is intestine is that in the film there was a lady that saw a big fish with there mouth open and a little fish was getting around and in the big fish mouth. then the lady open her mouth to see if the little fish would do the same thing and it did. It was funny she sad that she though that she was going to eat it. they are founding new fish that there won't found before i think that is great that they are founding new fish.

Ways that we can help is by telling other people to help because if we work together we can make a bigger change and we could be saving fishes!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thelma M. 7 2010

I think that the video was intersting because it was about Species of the planet Earth. This video made think how much we are effecting are wonderful animal that day of tommorow wont be there no more so I think that we shoud do something to save our animals. There sould be a way that we can help them. The problem is that someone tells a person for exam, the polor bear are in insinct the say thats not true there are some in this place and that place. Is true but there some there and not a lot but its not going to take long to see nun is this and that place. People think that this is not sireas that its a simple game. But is not we have to start NOW to make a change the day of tommorow.

I am going to name animals that the day of tommorow will to insict more:
  • Polor Bear
  • Frog
  • Pinguen
  • Almost all the sea animals
  • There a lots of other animals

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thelma M. 6 2010

My 2 top topics

One of the topics is about Operation Smile is about helping kids that there mouth that are not strait. Operation Smile is helping kids to have there mouth strait. i think that it wonderful that people care about that kind of kids. The missions of them is to help as many people and kids as the can.

My second topic is Teen Pregnancy i think that teen pregnancy is very interesting because there are a lot of girl that are pregnant i think that is important that we don't get pregnant so soon because it don't only effect us it effect all the family or the people that you live in. I now that there isn't a age but you have to give your self time to live what you what to live before that you get a baby responsibility

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Thelma M. 5 2010

From Yahoo Kids
City Kids
Inter Action
Operation Smile
Project America
I choose this website because it have to do with kids or you are helping someone or something i think if you help someone or do something to so one you will get something better.
From Wiki
Teenage Pregnancy
I chose this websites because the things that they are informing is things that your shout do unity some age or not even do it at all one of them helps are Earth if we help are Earth we are helping are self's.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Thelma M. 4 2010

I think that the video was awesome because I cant believe that someone can do that cube that fast. they were moving there hand to fast there fingers there were moving up and down side to side I really like that it. I know if i try to do that I would take for every for me to that, I think I would take for ever because ifs every confusing. I am every amazed that the can do it less than a minute. they really need to considered and focus. I could like to learned how to do that i know it cant do it less than a minute but i think i am going to start to try to do it.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Thelma M. 3 2010

i have some thoughts about the documentary, i think that is makes people think a lot and see if you are doing the right disions every day. I think that ours self are killing our earth because you say right now threes nothing happening but you will see the differences in the futer or theres not going to be a futer. The information that I heard makes me fell that if our self don't start doing some thing to save the Earth no body will do it. If each of you do a little if would make a change.

Friday, September 3, 2010

T.Manzano 1 2010

I am going to talk about a picture of a turtle. I chose this picture because i think that turtle are very cute. They live in the water. this picture got in to me because it not only in the ocean but the turtle is like looking at me and i pretend that i am looking at the turtle back. I got this picture at

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Last Semester

I think that was the hardest the last semester was presenting. I think it was the hardest because you couldn't mest up because if you do you get poits nock down. It was had because one time that we were presenting we mest up Samantha had forgot what she was going to say. That is bad because we got points nock oof. So we need it to plactis more so that wont happend again. the day of the presentation i think that we did a good job but i also think that we could of do better. We didnt get to the fanials but i am happy with what we got done. I am proud of my group. I think that this was the most difucult semester out of the year. I had a greate time I had a lots of fun, there were time that we had but we were able to find the solusion to the problem.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Hi my name Is Thelma I go to school at East Austin College Prep Academy. At my school we have a Globaloria Program. In The globaloria Class we do so many things like:

  • We blog (When we blog for us is were we exprese what we think and are oppening)

  • We work with flash ( We have work on flash when we drew out are scene of our game. We have also used flash doing our button and our demos that we draw.)

  • We have are wiki page (In our wiki is were we put every thing together.)

This is the main 3 things that we do at EACPA Globaloria Program. This is a introduction of what we do at the EACPA!!!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Earth Week

Global Warming
The 3 facts about Global Warming:
  • In the beginning, the Earth's atmosphere contained very little oxygen (less than 1% oxygen pressure).
  • Cool climatic conditions have prevailed during the past 1,000,000 years. The species Homo sapiens evolved under these climatic conditions.
  • The remaining 25% is attributed to anthropogenic changes in land use, which have the effect of reducing the net uptake of carbon dioxide.

Global Warming is important to know of because global warming is effecting Earth and we life in Earth, so is effecting us to at the same time. To can also help stop the global warming by:

  • you can recycle
  • you can reuse things
  • you can reduce using things

Friday, April 16, 2010


The HARDEST thing in flash is when we have to work with the time line because you have to go from a number to another and you have to use (f6). It look not hard but for me it is hard because you have to make sure that you are in the correct layer.
I know that the teacher she does the work on the overhead and then go around and helps if the does it more offen and I think that is good that she is trying to get other teacher in hear so they can help us and not all of us asking for help only to her.
I think that the coding is very imporante because If you dont have it you are not going to have action or movemente.
If flash is hard to you i think that you have to pay attention

Friday, March 5, 2010


I think that there have been some progress in are group because we just to fite a lot in are group but now we kind of get more along. I think that the problem it was that when i ask them to do something I dont talk to them like i have to been. So nest time that i have ask then to do something to do I ask them more nice. I think that have help to team. I have norist that If I talk to them nicely and respecful they are going to respect you. I am trying to not get mad very easly so we can get along so we can have mopre time together and not to fiting and screaming a lot. I think that also help that i havent presure them so mush. I have trust some of them to be by them self . So they can prove that they can work by them self and the will not been playing games. I tell them not to play on games because all of us when we are woking on a computer they are temte to gop to places were we dont supos to be so i think that we are duing so good I think that person that have improve the most is Devari because he had duen so much work this weed i think that he is duing better each day I think that the whole team is doing greate.


For me working with drawing in flash is ok. It ok because in the flash you are able to draw whatever you did on your presentetion. My parner Christian he did 2 piece of paper and i did 2 to. so we did the same is amount of work. Ithink that he was not comtruble working with it but i think that he had a good time working on flash. I did enjoin working with flash because there are things to do so need to find out how to do it. sometimes i had mess it up but with that i could learned how to do the things write. After that i had did so much mistakes, now i am able to do more things. I think that you can be able to do a greart job at drawing even more if you like to draw. I think the on that the ones that most enjoin been working on flash was Devari, Bobby and Zeke. Zeke toroly enjoin working because ha love to draw so i think that the part that he did is going to be thwe one that drew the best. But i think that every person did a great job with working on drawing on flash.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today is a very enjoining day because they are some snow on Texas. The last time that snow was about 3 year ago. When we are in the pe the teacher let us go out side. The snow was coming a lot. When we are in the it fell very happy you fell like you are doing somethong new. You are able to fell how the snow touch you how cold it is. Some thing that looks so buetiful, Is that if you look up you are able to see how the snow is going down to you. If I had sometime to be out side and take some people outside with. That people would be all the teachers and my friends Macey, Delaney, Samantha, Brianna, Maria, Victoria And the other my friends. I would also wanted to take my sister my mother and my dad and all my family. That why I would wanted to be at home so I could be outside every time that it snow. Because not every day we have that oppernuty to see this to be able to fell the snow touch you how the snow falls from the sky. So I every time that that we are able to go outside I dont wast any momment that we are outside.

Monday, February 22, 2010


I think that there are not so much progress. Because when we are working as a group. There is a person that keeps not pay attention. I keep telling him that to get out the game and he dont get of. One time he told me that he is only watching him and not the other people. Told him that I am always that i am watching him because if i ask the other people they will get of. He would not so that why I am telling him to get oof. After worlds I told him that I am the Leader and he have to do what i told him to do. After that he kind of did what he needed to do. Talking about something else as a group i think that we are doing better. Because how they are duing wat they need to do. As the leader I think that I am proud of my group. If we take the ploblems that we had. I think that we are going to do better this next week. ************I WILL TRY MY BEST TO DO THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The role that I got it to be the Leader of the team. When we choose are places we told each other why they did that place. I think that i am good for my place the are a other person that can take it to but they chose me. In my opinion I think that I am doing a good job. At the same time I think that If I try I would do a better. So I am going to try hader for my place. As I team we did have some disagreemen. In are team they were a person that ha didn want to folow the rules. Me as the leader I had told that person to get of of the game. I told him a lot of times. He didt do it so i need healp from the teacher. After that the teacher tolk care of it.
I am looking forward on our my game that we can do are game with out with problems about that you are not acting how you do supost. The Inspiration of us that we wanted to do deffente things so got the 3 that we like more. I think that we are going to be able because I am going to make the team that they have a gold on them so they are focus on the game and not on something else that does not have to do with our game. I think that are team is doing good but they can do better. Are problem is that we get destractive very esly.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I think that working with paper prototype it is kind of easy. It is kind of easy because you are just telling how your game is going to be like and how is going to work. My pardner Christian and me we i think that both of us had fun working in paper prototype. Both of each of were doing something he was the one that was telling me what to right in somethings and i was writing or the opposite he writes and I tell him what to right. So I did enjoin working with paper prototype. The teacher ask us it we understand the impotent of paper prototype in reference to our game design. I was thinking that It Is important because if you don't do that when you do your game your are not going to now what you are going to do you might have a idea but if you do a paper prototype you are going to now what exactly what you are going to do. I think that is why the teacher make us do thins to have an idea so when we do are game we know what we are doing. To work with my team that we are going to be to the rest of the year. It felt kind f funny because we are going to do something together. But I do like the people that I have on my team.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I do enjoin this because we are able to do many things. We are able to blog and even talk to people that work with globaloria. She even came to talk to us. When we blog the teacher read are problems that we have we almost blog for that then she will be able to help me what i need help one. Almost from now one were are going to work with are group that we are going to do are game with. I look forward to learned to do a game by my self. I think that we are My thoughts about Globaloria is that this class can be hard and very easy . It could be hard because if you don't pay attention and you don't do your work when the teacher and check your work you are going to do your work in little time, because all the time that you already louse and also you are going to have a bad grade if you don't finish it. It could see easy very easy because if you do the work that you have to do you are going to finish it and also you are going to get a better grade if you do your work. I enjoin this because we are able to do different things for example we all have are wiki page. in the wiki page is we are planing are game that we are going to make. For my game I am going to have level in the first level Zeke and Bobby are working on that level. In the second level Christian and are working on it. In the tried level Samantha And Devari are working on it wears a group i think that we have some cool ideas for are game. We also have are blog for me the blogger is were I write my ideas and my thoughts is were i express my ideas. The things that i have learn in Globaloria is flash in flash we have practise how to be able to move the carrot and the rabbit up and down and back and forward. I also have leaned how to work with other people. Because in class we are in are groups we have to work with are pardner and we have to learned how to get along. I am the leader of my group so we have been some problem bet en some 2 students so i have to make them get alone and if I cant i go to talk to Ms. Miller. and she will that care of that. I have learned how to up lode are stuff that we do on flash it very easy for me so sometime i help others If i can. I love to blog because when i blog I express my thoughts and when I blog and past it and when going to be able to learned more about flash to be able to do my are game.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Last Week Working On Flash

Lets talk about lask week. Last week was a very dificults week because the at the beganing Ms Miller was showing us how to do it. At the 3rd day she just put the information on the action strip. I think that she that because know that we can do it. Its not that hard to do it you just have to copy and paste. You go to your wiki and you copy the codys and then you pasted on the action strip the when you see the overhead. I think when the teacher get fustrueded is when she tell us that you have to have your action strip the same as the one that is in the overhead. Then when you ask her for help she does not see your action strip almost the same. So fash could be essy to work with, I am not saying that you are not going to have question. But if you follow the steps you8 are going to have less question so if you dont have question. Teacher want to anser some question an blogger so i am:
Was it hard to make your mini game?
Kind of my oponin it is not that hard. But everybody has diferent oponions
What was the best part of this topic?
When we were able to move the bunny left, right, up, down
The worst part?
That part is essy that part is when the carrot was not there

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


What i think about flash is that it is kind of hard and at the same time could be else. For me is kind of hard because if get destructive you can miss a step so for in example you are talking to someone and you miss a step then the teacher ask you to test the movie and if the carrot is not there and it soposly be there is because you miss a step. So now you now the imporant to pay attention and not be talking. It could be also easy to do you work correcly. To do that you have to pay attention to the each step the teacher takes. Ofcurse am not saying that you are nefer going to have probles so its ok to ask for questin. so my goad is that I'm going to make a flash by myself.