Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Last Semester

I think that was the hardest the last semester was presenting. I think it was the hardest because you couldn't mest up because if you do you get poits nock down. It was had because one time that we were presenting we mest up Samantha had forgot what she was going to say. That is bad because we got points nock oof. So we need it to plactis more so that wont happend again. the day of the presentation i think that we did a good job but i also think that we could of do better. We didnt get to the fanials but i am happy with what we got done. I am proud of my group. I think that this was the most difucult semester out of the year. I had a greate time I had a lots of fun, there were time that we had but we were able to find the solusion to the problem.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!