Thursday, December 1, 2011

About My Topic

My topic is about Teen Pregnancy that they are getting pregnant to young.

This issue interests me because there a lot of girls that are getting pregnant so young and they are not finishing school and they wouldn't go to college and they mess there live up. Am not trying to say that they should not have a baby but there is time for everything.

I want people to learn that if they want to have sex with there boyfriend that they will have to be responsible if they came out pregnant.They will be the ones that have to have the baby for 9 months you don't know if the boy is gong to have responsibly as a father.

This issue haves to be done something about tit because we cant let all the young girls dropout fro school had to work in a fast food restaurant to tried to get money for her baby and her. That's why

I want to make this gaem so we can educate a lot of people so they can do something about it to.