Monday, May 23, 2011

Thelma M. 14 2011

Winding Down
The name of my game is ''Poacher Haters''. The name of my game is ''The Race To My Domain''. Our game is about saving to animals that are in danger. Thous two animals are an tiger and a elephant. You have to go throat tree levels that if you keep that animal alive that's how you pass from level to level. They would be different obstacles that you should go through that will come and go in the levels. All of our scenes are done the (loading,intro,introduction,characters,about,level1,level2,level3,loosing, winning). We have all the section anwered, all of the question are finish. Well are final game is not how we wanted to be.I think that we can do or work and get the help that we need.I think that the grade that i would give myself would be a 85 I think because i think that i gave all I could but they were somethings that would do better .